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Smart Geometry + Flow Builder Video Use Case

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What is a Dendrogram?

A dendrogram is a diagram that depicts hierarchical relationships. A dendrogram is often used to assign objects to groups.

The flow builder in Giraffe uses dendrogram assumptions to create an intuitive interface to generate complex algorithms. Transforms branch from the initiating geometry. And branch again. One shape becomes many. And the designer can visually track the inputs and outputs in an intuitive node-based editor.

Create a Flow from Scratch

Properties Palette

Draw a shape on the map.

Then, with that shape selected, click “Open Flow Builder” to start building a flow.


Select a basic Transform from the list. Options vary based on if the base geometry is a closed polygon or a line.


Drawing Palette

Access some pre-made flows right from the drawing bar! Just click the lightning bolt.


Edit a Flow

With the map geometry selected, click “Open Flow Builder” in the properties palette


The Flow Builder appears

flow builder ui.png

  1. Initiating geometry (Grey)
  2. Transform Applied (Light Blue)
  3. Final Output (Green)
  4. Add a Transform (+)
  5. Duplicate a branch
  6. Add a branch
  7. Minimap
  8. Flow builder map controls (zoom, zoom extents, lock)


<aside> 💡 Use the center mouse wheel to zoom in and out



A Transform is an algorithm designed to be used in the Flow builder. It is a set of instructions used to edit a source geometry. Each transform has settings and parameters that can be customised. Transforms can be used alone or together as part of a flow.

<aside> 👉 Learn all about Transforms in Generative Transforms.


Click an item from the gallery to learn more about its settings and how to use it.

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