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Welcome to Giraffe 4.0!

Major updates in this release include a new user interface, the addition of generative design, advanced GIS functionality, and live cursors!

Along with new branding, quality-of-life updates, and bug fixes.

The Giraffe Team has been working hard to bring you this release over the past few months, and we are so excited to have you on board. Enjoy!


Giraffe has a crispy new look, complete with many user experience improvements, including:

<aside> 👉 See the UI Cheat Sheet for all the updates


Brand New in Giraffe 4.0

We have 4 brand new features in this release, bringing on the next generation of Giraffe functionality.

Generative Design

You asked, and we delivered.

We're so excited to introduce generative design in Giraffe. Create complex outputs in a snap with Smart Geometry and the Flow Builder.

generative towns.gif

Smart Geometry

Smart Geometry

Draw a shape using Giraffe's easy-to-use drawing tools, then apply a transform to add detail. Create apartment layouts, tree-lined avenues, or structural grids in a snap.

giraffe 4 release graphics 6.gif

Flow Builder

Flow Builder

Build complexity simply. Add or remove transforms using an intuitive builder. See your results instantly. Adjust infinitely.

giraffe 4 release graphics 3.gif

Go Wide

Array trees around your subdivision, or create a forest. Fill a donut-shaped building with a plaza, or a parking structure. The limit is up to your imagination.

tree hero.gif


Welcome to the next generation of GIS interrogation in Giraffe. Introducing Lens (Data Table) : bringing intuitive filtering and styling controls to your map data and project portfolio.

lens hero.gif

Color your world

No more diving into code or creating custom Esri servers. Re-style any vector layer with a few clicks. Your data, your way.

lens 1.gif

Portfolio in context

See your portfolio of projects on the map while searching for parcels, searching for geospatial data, or right inside your project.

lens portfolio.gif

See what matters

Filter away outlines or shapes that don't meet your criteria. Show buildings under a certain height, flood zones over a targeted rating, or even highlight 4G data connectivity - if the metadata is there, you can use it to filter.

lens 3.gif

Live Cursors

Giraffe has always been about collaboration. Sharing data with stakeholders, engaging your peers, and designing at the speed of conversation.

Now, we've made collaboration even better.

Introducing: Live Cursors!


Work Together

Get on the same page.  Instantly see what your team is working on. Eliminate imprecise communication.



Updates made by your remote team show up in real-time. Shift how you design to be collaborative and connected, even at a distance.

live cursors preview.gif

Have Fun

Playfully co-author designs using all of the Giraffe tools you've come to know and love.

cursors speed run.gif

Every change to the interface in Giraffe 4

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