<aside> 🚨 The Site Search app will sunset soon. There is a better way to find parcel, tax, and zoning data! Learn more about the new Regrid Data (Spatial Layer)

Regrid Data (Spatial Layer)


Understand sites. Discover opportunity.

Powered by Regrid, the industry-leading property data and location intelligence company. Easily view parcel, tax, and zoning data. Search any data set to reveal sites, and areas that meet your criteria.

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Create projects (with boundaries)

Use Map features to Create Geometry and Query Information

Lens (Data Table)

The regrid app overlays zoning for every lot, when available

The regrid app overlays zoning for every lot, when available

About Regrid


Want to find sites/parcels that match a certain criteria? Giraffe's site search app is powered by The Nationwide Parcel Data Layer from Regrid. Allowing you to search, find, filter, and map parcels across the US against the criteria that makes sense for you.

<aside> 📢 Site Search aggregates parcel data for the United States. Speak with your account team about options for your locality.


Getting Started

Instantly understand important parcel and zoning data on the map to easily scout sites you’re interested in. Simply click a site to see its metadata, including ownership, parcel area, and more.

Use intuitive multi-criteria filters to narrow and qualify potential sites that suit your needs. See qualified sites in context on the map. Search by parcel size, owner, zoning, and more to find the exact opportunities you’re looking for.

Add the Site Search App

👉Click the Plus sign in the app tool palette to access the app selector.