Let computers handle the boring stuff.

Automatically turn simple shapes into more complex geometry with built-in algorithms. Create road networks, car parking, apartment floor plans, structural grids, and more - with just a few clicks!

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What is Generative Design?

Generative design is an incremental method that involves algorithms that generate a set of outcomes to meet established criteria and a designer who fine-tunes the solution by picking the best outputs or tweaking input values, ranges, and variations.

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Smart Geometry is Giraffe’s solution for Generative Design. We know designers, developers, and real estate pros are smart, creative, and savvy. We don’t want computers to replace your expertise; rather, Smart geometry augments your human capacity and enables faster, more accurate, and more varied results.

Adding Smart Geometry

There are two ways to access Smart Geometry

Properties Palette

Draw a shape on the map.

Then, with that shape selected, click “Open Flow Builder” to start building a flow.


Select a basic Transform from the list. Options vary based on if the base geometry is a closed polygon or a line.


<aside> 🎓 See Flow Builder for more details


Drawing Palette

Access some pre-made flows right from the drawing bar! Just click the lightning bolt.


Smart Geometry Compositions

Giraffe ships with a few pre-baked Smart geometry compositions, which you can access from either the Drawing toolbar or the Flow Builder.

Learn more in the in-app guide.


Editing Smart Geometry

Edit Smart Geometry in a few ways, including:

Change Map Sections

Changing the base shape of the Smart geometry section will prompt the algorithm to re-calculate the best result based on your parameters.

Use the typical Drawing controls to push/pull, add nodes, or copy/paste.

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Use Properties

Update your criteria in the Parameters palette.

Select the child you would like to edit


Then, update its parameter values to your specifications.


Apply Usages

Apply a usage to generated children to inherit the default properties of that Usage.

Select the child you would like to edit:


Select a usage from the Dropdown:


Use the Flow Builder

With the map geometry selected, click “Open Flow Builder” in the properties palette


The Flow Builder appears

<aside> 🎓 See Flow Builder for more details


Reusing Smart Geometry

<aside> ⚡ Coming soon!


Save your favorite Smart Geometry compositions as Flows to use again and again.