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Get Started

The first step for working with templates is to identify the data you wish to re-use. You can save almost any Giraffe-generated features, properties, or settings to a template.

There are two methods for starting a template:

Start from Scratch

Once you have identified the key elements that you would like to reuse, create a new project, then add all of those elements to the project.

  1. Create projects (with boundaries)
  2. Add Layers . You can also work on Video guide to Knowledge Management , which will save to the template.
  3. Add Drawing features and update Visual Properties
  4. Create and edit Usages. Delete any unused Usages.
  5. Add and edit Analytics measures
  6. Update Project Settings .

Use an Existing Project

If you have a project in your portfolio that contains reusable data (for instance, a project that performed well based on your firm’s metrics), you may convert that existing project to a template.

<aside> 💡 A suggested method for a from-scratch template project is to use your office address as the project boundary.


Save a Template

Once your template project exists, you can save it to the template library from ‣

<aside> 💡 Learn how to navigate with the Project Explorer


From the map:

  1. Open the project you want to save as a template

  2. Menu (☰) → Projects → Project Settings

  3. Click “Save as Template”


  4. Select sharing options, then click “Use as Template for a new project”


  1. Optionally Click “+ Use as a template for a new project” which will open a blank project using the settings you defined, and will also add the template to the workspace of anyone you shared it with.

Use the Template to Create a New Project

You can create a new project from a template in two ways:

From the Startup Screen

Click on the template from the selector.


From Admin

Click the arrow icon next to the template you wish to use.


<aside> 💡 If you forget to use a template at the beginning of a new project, you can Import Data from Existing Giraffe Projects


Manage Templates