Connect to data from a variety of sources using the vector layer upload.

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🦒 In-App Guide


Importing Esri or WMS Layers

Upload Vector Files as Layers (GeoJSON, Shapefile, DXF, KML)

Import Non-Native Data

How to import DXF files into Giraffe

Gather you Files

The Image import works with PDF, .JPG, or .PNG files. The images can be black and white or color. PDFs must be a single page.

Access the Server Connection Applet

There are 2 ways to open the layer upload applet:

Add layer → Create Your own → select layer type



Main menu (☰) → Layers → select layer type


Upload a File

Images can be added to the map as layers using the image layer creator. This allows you to import images, fit them to a relevant area on the map and add them as a context layer to one or more of your projects.

To import the image click LayersCreate Layer From Image.

The import tool will appear in the right bar.

Upload the file and adjust it to fit the correct area on the map. Uploading a PDF file will launch a utility to allow you to choose the area of the PDF you want to import and the resolution of the import.





When uploading a PDF, the system will convert it to an image for faster processing later on.

You can adjust a few settings prior to finalization.

  1. Adjust resolution
    1. Zoom in or out to show as much of the page as you wish
    2. The level of detail shown will be saved to the final layer
    3. Click next when you are happy with the zoom


  1. Crop
    1. many times PDFs include titleblocks or additional text that is unnecessary to show on the map. Crop the PDF image to only include what you need.
    2. Click and drag a rectangle around the image area you want to keep
    3. Click Done when you are satisfied