Connect to data from a variety of sources using the vector layer upload.

Quick Links

πŸ¦’ In-App Guide


Importing Esri or WMS Layers

Upload Raster Files as layers (PDF, JPG, PNG)

Import Non-Native Data

How to import DXF files into Giraffe

Gather you Files

Filetypes that are considered vectors for the purpose of uploading:

Access the Server Connection Applet

There are 2 ways to open the layer upload applet:

Add layer β†’ Create Your own β†’ select layer type



Main menu (☰) β†’ Layers β†’ select layer type


Upload a File

GeoJSON and shape files are easy to import into Giraffe. The data can be added as a data layer or converted into Giraffe features:

To import the data, click ☰ β†’ Layers β†’ Create Layer From Vector

The import tool will appear in the right bar. Upload the files and choose to import the contents as features or to create and style a vector data layer.



There are two upload options:

<aside> πŸŽ“ Did you know? You can simply ctrl + c and ctrl + v any GeoJSON file straight into Giraffe. This will create an editable shape on the map (not a layer)


Create a Layer

Use the Lens controls at the top left to filter and style the layer