Giraffe allows you to rapidly step through lots of information.

Save layer combinations and camera positions using the View tool.

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🦒 In-App Guide


Manage Drawing Layers

Video Guide to Managing scenarios in Giraffe with drawing layers

Export Visuals

Cycle through multiple views for a smooth presentation

Cycle through multiple views for a smooth presentation

What is a View?

Views are saved “screenshots” of your project.

Each View consists of:

You can use Views to:

Create a View

  1. Open the View tab (left-hand flyout).
  2. Turn on the layers you want.
  3. Position the camera where you want it.
  4. Create a View by clicking on the New View button

<aside> 📢 Note: It may take a moment for the pop up to appear while the system processes the current map settings


  1. Enter the required information in the pop-up, then click “Save.”


<aside> 💡 Learn more about Layers here


Edit Views

  1. Click the … icon under the View preview



  1. Update information as needed within the Edit View pop up.