Organise your designs with Drawing layers.

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What is a Drawing Layer?

Giraffe organizes map content using Layers. The map can display a combination of geospatial datasets and geometries you create in Giraffe. The geometries you create in your project using the Drawing tools all live on Drawing Layers.

Drawing layers function in many of the same ways geospatial layers do. You can:

Drawing layers have some additional functions:

Add a New Drawing Layer

There are two ways to add a new drawing layer to your project:

Layer palette

Create a new Drawing layer using the New Drawing Layer button in the Layer palette


Drawing palette

Create a new Drawing Layer using the New Layer button in the draw palette.

new dwg layer 1.png


After either method, a modal appears. Give the layer a name, then click “Create” Note, you cannot have 2 drawing layers with the same name within a project.


This creates a new layer and sets it to the 'Active Layer'. All geometries you create will be created on the currently active layer.