Giraffe is a tool for expressing your ideas.

We’ve tried to make that as simple as possible. Giraffe is a data creation tool. Draw, 3D, areas.

Quick Links

Drawing Toolbar

All of the drawing tools

Drawing Accurately

Drawing Layers


Adding new elements

Use the "Draw Bar" at the bottom of the screen to create something

dwg 1.png

Drawing Tools

  1. Draw Buildings
  2. Draw Landscape + Trees
  3. Draw Roads and Parking
  4. Add Annotations and Points of Interest
  5. Flow Features
  6. More Drawing Tools
  7. Drawing Layers

Choose what you want to create in the draw bar, then start drawing by clicking on the map.

Option 1: Select the usage (eg. Residential) and start drawing an element of that type directly

dwg 2.png

Option 2: Draw a shape first, then add a usage later. Rectangle is a convenient tool for drawing polygons with right angles.

dwg 3.png

<aside> 💡 Hold down the S key on your keyboard to snap nodes to existing features as you draw.


Drawing Methods