Take control of your account governance.

Manage the users in your account, what they can do, and what data they have access to.

Quick Links

🦒 In-App Guide (coming soon)


How to Share Data

Set up your company’s account

Admin Portal

The Admin Portal contains workspace-wide settings, access to the workspace’s project lists, user profiles, and shared templates.


Workspaces are the top level of your account. Multiple users can be members of the same workspace. Within a workspace, users can share layers, templates, and projects with other workspace members.

<aside> 💡 Learn more about How to Share Data here



Easily invite your team to join your workspace.

Navigate to Main menu (☰) → Admin

Add new members to your workspace from the Admin menu, under “Members.”

  1. Type the email of the person you would like to invites
  2. Select their permission level
  3. Click “Invite”

The users will receive an email requesting them to join your workspace.


Permission Levels

Control user permissions using Permission Levels

<aside> 💡 Permission levels help you to control what users can DO in your workspace. Teams control what users can SEE in your workspace.



View permission = Explore License.


Edit Permission = Create license


Admin permission = Create license with additional permissions. Only admins can add users or teams to a workspace.


Control user information access with Teams. Teams make it easy to share project data with a subset of users from your workspace.