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Decoding the Mind of Real Estate Developers: Unveiling Key Metrics and Calculations

Analytics use cases

Excel on a Map

In real estate, people usually enter numbers like building areas and program mixes manually in a spreadsheet. They use drawings from another software to generate the areas, then add their assumptions in the spreadsheet. Basic values need manual calculations before entering data.

But in Giraffe, all measurements are counted as you draw.

Giraffe Analytics is like the spreadsheet software you know. Data is stored in columns, rows, and cells. It's better than your old spreadsheet because it connects with your model - no need to move data to another software!

The cool thing about Giraffe analytics is that you calculate your geometry with assumptions right in the platform.

With Analytics, you don't have to type data or do math - while you draw, Giraffe puts all the important data in your report.


Analytics Foundations


Giraffe Analytics uses attributes of Features you make while Drawing . It combines those values with assumptions from Usages and Properties to do dynamic calculations.

To put it simply, every shape has basic attributes like height, width, length, area, and volume. Giraffe always keeps track of these values for everything you draw.

When you add Usages , geometries inherit those assumptions, like cost, unit mixes, parking needs, and more. Analytics looks at this info like a spreadsheet. Each geometry is a row, and each attribute is a column.

Just like your usual spreadsheet software, the calculations you make in Analytics can use any of these details.

What To Use Analytics For

Analytics is for building custom reports and metrics for your Giraffe projects. Every project is different, so analytics allows you to track the metrics that make or break your project.

Here are some common use cases for analytics:

Analytics vs Urban

Giraffe users love Urban, and for good reason. The Urban Calculations Tab gives a quick report of standard real estate metrics, like GBA, FAR/FSR, and Unit Counts. The values update dynamically as you draw.

Parts of the urban tab can be configured, but in general, the calculations are set by Giraffe and cannot be altered. The power of analytics is that it’s completely configurable. You control what is calculated, and how.