Giraffe is often the first step in the development process.

Continue to have data clarity by sharing the information you’ve created in Giraffe with outside stakeholders and programs.

Quick Links

Export Visuals

Clone a project

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Export Menu

Access the export menu via the main menu (☰) → Export

<aside> 💡 Note: To export data, you must be working in a saved project. See Create projects (with boundaries) for more info.


exp 1.png

Export Formats

Each project can be exported in a number of formats

Clone project

The best practice to Create and Manage Options is to Manage Drawing Layers. However, Sometimes it is necessary to copy a project.

The Export → Clone project command will create a copy of all elements of the project, including geometry, Usages , Layers, and Analytics.

You will then need to re-define the project boundary and save it.

Review Create projects (with boundaries) for more information.

CSV (by section or by level)